What is Talemetry Apply?

Apply allows organizations to easily collect the right information, at the right time, while providing a great candidate experience. This includes support for social and mobile applications.

Apply Benefits:
  • Candidates get a great application experience so they don’t drop-off
  • Organizations get maximum applications
  • Add resume extraction
  • Collect additional information
  • Support mobile applications


    Talemetry Apply Delivers
    Improve the quality of hire by gaining insight into which sources your top hires originated from so you focus more on those in the future. The best candidates are the first to drop-off from a bad application process.
    Capture all the required information when needed to speed the hiring process
    Analytics help you see exactly where candidates are dropping off in the application process.
    Ask all required compliance questions within the application
    Improve recruiter efficiency by avoiding the need to manually input candidate information. Eliminate recruiters having to manually order assessments and screenings with integrated assessment and screening services access.
    Reduce vendor integration costs with pre-configured access to your ATS and recruitment service providers.
    Make it easy for candidates to supply their information. Deliver simple branded experiences that supports social and mobile applications.

    Apply Features
    Strategic Recruiting Capabilities

    Talemetry is a flexible talent generation platform that can solve virtually any recruiting challenge.

    Detailed Description
    Talemetry Apply creates a simple and streamlined application experience.  The extraction component allows candidates to apply for jobs by simply uploading a traditional resume or CV in almost any file format, or by using their online social profile such as LinkedIn. The candidate’s data is then automatically extracted from these sources and quickly and accurately populated into dynamic web forms that are presented back to the applicant. The workflow component then allows candidates to review, edit and submit their information. This eliminates the current process of manual information transfer between the employer, candidate and creates a more seamless, efficient process for the recruiter, while improving the overall candidate experience.

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    Significantly reduce sourcing time and improve recruiter efficiency.

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