What is Talemetry Career Sites

Engage job seekers with career-focused content, promote open jobs, and strengthen your employer brand by building career sites using a simple Content Management System (CMS).

Create, manage, and maintain main career sites, multiple specific career microsites, Facebook career pages, and mobile sites all in one place.


Talemetry Career Sites Delivers

Engaging career sites create a positive candidate experience and stronger employer brand, leading to more top talent applying improving quality of hire.
Quickly and easily getting jobs posted to your career sites and being Search Engine Optimized means candidates will find them and apply faster delivering better time to hire.
Get granular data on everything job seekers do on your career sites. Get better visibility and evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and other vendors.
Meets 508 and cookie law compliance. Control the access and process to add/change/remove content.
Easily manage multiple sites including jobs and other related content. Help recruiters improve efficiency.
Eliminate external hosting and publicity costs. Manage your career sites in-house, get more value from your vendors, and save on the need for agencies.
Deliver a better candidate experience by making it easier for job seekers to find your jobs and other related content. Target jobs and messaging to specific candidate populations.
Career Sites Features
Strategic Recruiting Capabilities

Talemetry is a flexible talent generation platform that can solve virtually any recruiting challenge.

Detailed Description

Talemetry Career Sites allows recruiting teams to easily create and manage branded career websites delivering compelling candidate experiences. Using reusable custom branded templates, point-and-click and drag-and-drop interfaces, recruiters and talent marketers can easily create content-rich career sites in support of their recruiting initiatives.  Users can create and centrally manage all career sites, including: main career sites; targeted campaign microsites; social career sites, agency portals; and employee portals. Social media integration allows new content and job updates to automatically be pushed to social feeds to generate more awareness about open positition. Each career site, microsite, mobile, or social career site also allows candidates to join an organization’s talent network to be kept informed and be considred for future open positions.

See Talemetry at Work
By putting the power of Talemetry to work, UCI was able to increase exposure to open jobsimprove the application process and build targeted content, which dramatically increased their ability to effectively attract and engage candidates. Increasing UCI’s ability to promote open jobs, strengthen their employer brand and make it easier for candidates to find and apply for positions, Talemetry helped UCI nearly double the amount of applications received. With a larger qualified applicant pool & the ability to more effectively pipeline talent for future needs, UCI was able to also reduce external recruiting cost and reliance on third-party search and significantly reduce time to fill while increasing the quality of hire.


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